Like i found my way. and why did he include the walrus

I'm sitting in a coffee shop in the middle of Vancouver. I'm here because I'm going to spend a year in a film school. It's all thanks to the walrus

There was, however, a time before the walrus when my career was not so obvious. This is what many of you may be connected to. It has lost the feeling that we get as students from time to time

In 2010, after my marketing program was not implemented, I was given the opportunity to write to what was then the student's student magazine Sheridan

In fact, there were just a few rules for writing stories

Taking on new tasks as a screenwriter, interviewing musicians, sending to concerts and conventions free of charge, to appear in the photo-shoots, to accompany my editorial articles and see my name in the press all around, it would seem to be a full career

After my marketing program ended, I decided to try to print journalism

It only took me three months before I was disappointed with my program and abandoned

" I was out of school, having no idea what to do with my life or even what I am

Then the school decided to shut up

I finally found a direction when I received a call from the Sheridan SU, offering me the main editor for a new, fully digital publication that we later called

However, my first year as editor was not strong

In addition to having problems with technical issues, my manager was unbickable

After a lot of controversy about the direction of the publication, my spirit ended up, and I was ready to leave

Then I went to New Jersey

I'm a Kevin Smith fan. His films, comics and podcasts live on my shelves and in my history. The man inspired me to write, to be ridiculous and to tell stories, and even made me believe in the stability of monogamy

However, Smith has recently announced that he will soon be leaving the film permanently. Like me, Smith was disappointed in his former pursuers

During a trip to New York, I rented a car to visit Smith's comic book store, Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash in the Red Bank, New Jersey

I took a copy of Smith's last book with an autograph

Speaking of his "formal training", Smith mentions that he was only 23 when he left the Vancouver Film School for filming

"That changed everything for me."

During the podcast, Smith and Moser were unwittingly constructed in a neat story for the last Smith film

Smith asked his followers on Twitter to use #WalrusYes if they thought the film should be made. WalrusYes withdrew, and

Kevin Smith, the man who said that he had finished with a film that was in the business of pure will, first of all, suddenly entered into this new act, more or less at the whim, all because of some story about the walrus

It changed everything for me

Walrus made it very clear that the only thing you have to do is be creative, to be dedicated to your passion and to express yourself

I started to push this philosophy more and more

We started censoring the articles on social issues, in the subjects of eggies, and even included some ridiculous sexual content

The answer was insanely positive. We have seen our audience, team and content grow far beyond our expectations. The best thing I've learned is to be very proud of what I've been creating and the opportunities I've created

-But the thing is, you're always chasing it. You're going up one mountain just to look for it

In the fall, after a failed job interview, the vice president told me, "I think you're going to be really successful, just find what you really want to do." He told me that I was too creative to work and that I would hate him so much that I would leave in a week

The house started to sink in. What did I do?

Knowing that all I ever wanted was to entertain me with my words, I decided to take another step from Smith's book and go to the Vancouver Film School for television and film

I was accepted on the basis of the work I worked for

So now I'm in Vancouver, dedicates myself to my true career ambitions, and all this is because of Kevin Smith and his walrus history

The lesson is that you must be uncompromising when it comes to your dreams. When you go forward, be dead to live in your passions

You have to say "Walussi" to life

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Chris D' Alessandro

Chris D' Alessandro is a writer and content strategist living in Toronto. He has even more made-up tattoos than he could admit