Students with a story: cancer researcher, brendan gru

The language will be as clear as possible about its research work

I’ve explored the connection between inflammation and cancer. In general, I investigated and experimentally examined the anti-inflammatorative properties of various chemicals found in plants and included them in the theoretical model of cancer prevention and treatment. It turns out that plants have evolved to displace the pathogenesis of millions of years, actually, working as well, if not better, than some of our modern pharmaceuticals. Go to the figure!

How did you come to get the NSERC Award from the study?

Not all on your own, that’s for sure. For the first time, I became aware of the award from my good friend Paul Manning, who received the award before me. Since then, he has received a high degree of recognition, including an entomology study at Oxford. My professor of biochemistry at the time, Vasanta Rusepinghe has also offered me a reward. So, it’s a long shot, but I did. After we’ve already got full employment at the climbing gym for the summer, I’ve got amazing but very exciting news. I spent the summer after the second year as a climbing instructor, and all my time outside of that lab

What inspired you to join the NGO “Know Cancer”?

My motivation in my research was to maximize the number of people I could call and help. Cancer was horseback. I started reading. In the course of time, before I started my experiment in the laboratory, I began to write that I would later become a writer paper, mainly as a way to interpret the endless scientific information on my income

“My motivation in my research was to maximize the number of people I could achieve and help.”

The paper blossom on the fifty pages of what was mostly my regent. After studying these notes, the president of the international non-governmental organization Getting to Know Cancer asked me to come aboard as a scientist. I can’t tell you that!

What advice do you have for students?

My advice comes in the form of a quote from Alice Walker: “The most common way people give their strength is that they don’t think they have.” I believe this is true for many students. Students sometimes feel it’s just a number, just another face in the crowd. That there must be someone else who will light them. The problem is that there is absolutely no one with the same set of characteristics as you, the characteristics that have evolved as the culmination of every experience they have ever had. I feel that too many students don’t even want to use themselves simply because they don’t have the highest marks. I know that I, as one of these students, didn’ t even think about getting a job in the lab, not to mention NSERC’s position, until I got my friend, Paul, and everybody’s support. So go get him!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

It’s funny, ‘ cause I just met a career counselor to try to help me answer that question, and the answer is, I don’t know. And I’m fine with that. I don’t think anyone really knows where they’ll be in five years, and I don’t want to. I’m just hugging my own way when he gets up, and I’ll try to absorb everything I meet on the way

Stall for us. Favorit hobbies? School tuition?

I was addicted to the gym. For me, this is the end therapy, as it offers an immaculate amount of benefits not only physically, but also mentally. I have also recently taken care of home winemaking. For me, the winery also applies to the school, combined with the fine art aspect. And hello, it’s wine

Quick Fire Issues

How many tattoos do you have?

I don’t. I’m just not a regular enough to get a face, I’d change my mind about it a few days later

A weapon of choice?

Knowledge that has led to confidence-building and empowerment

Where would you be able to visit if you had a chance?

To be honest, I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and I really feel that too many people occupy the place they live for. Get out and study

Superman Batman?

Apparently, Superman

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