Students with a story: schulich scholar, jivetsh singh chhatwal

Tell us about yourself and what you’re doing at the Memorial University

My name is Jeeves Singh Chhatwal, but I like Dlive. I could be considered an immigrant from 1.5 generations to Canada, according to Wikipedia, as I immigrated to Canada when I was 15 years old. I moved here from my hometown in Punjab, India. At present, I am in the Memorial University at the age of 3, trying to make honorable awards in the field of biochemistry and minors in psychology

In your biography, you say you’ll dance to any music. What’s this song that’s gonna help you get back on the dance floor? In 2012, you were named “City of Saint John”. Stories about it

I have an interesting story to tell. I was nominated by one of the organizations I volunteered for at the time

That same year, you won the prestigious

Getting the Shulić Scholarship for my grad students at Memorial was one of the most raiding moments of my life. I don’t think they need a lot of advice for the scholarship students, except to spend their scholarships wisely and to express my sincere gratitude to their donors. However, for students applying for scholarships, these are my two cents

How did this scholarship help you?

In addition to the heartbreaking and the running of student loans, a scholarship to them. Shulyha has given me more opportunities

All this speaks, I applaud the students who have managed to live far away from their families (especially the international community

You’re doing some amazing things

I was the Champion (known delegate) at the Youth Youth Leadership Conference in 2012 for high school students. Shortly after, I was wrapped up in a special student group Memorial, which organizes a conference every year since its establishment in 2008, when the coalition of clubs and social justice organizations decided to pool their resources and to invite high school students to take action on social justice issues. I continue to work with Radio-Hoc to fund, jointly organize and promote free seminars and events on such topics as leadership, social justice and innovation, critical thinking and international assistance

You always seem to be doing something. What is it?

I’m driven by curiosity to learn. Through my contributions, I would like to empower individuals so that they can realize their full potential. In this process, I am curious and very willing to realize my own potential, especially in a free and democratic country like ours. I am driven by the clarity and conviction that I can help my peers reach out in matters that are easy to ignore in our daily lives. I am also driven by the examples of such people

You came from India with your parents when you were younger, what was the life of a student in Canada?

Life as a student is Canada for me very much. It seems to me that I have been constantly given the opportunity to strengthen my capacity and skills to become a well-rounded person with a high level of self-efficacy. If they say that travel helps to expand the prospects, I can only assess the extent to which immigration has helped me to recognize my privileges

What advice do you have for students?

You take the time to dig up your passion for your interests and your dislike, and then follow your passion as a whole! Don’t be afraid to go in different areas of the study. Creativity is thriving in interdisciplinary teaching. Work only if you can find out something and/or if you need to determine the priorities of the academic community. Call your parents. If possible, consider them one of your friendly mentors. And finally, try to maintain a healthy relationship with everyone around


“ Live as if you were dying

Best place for a first date?

If I knew how to skate and then skate. Otherwise, there will be a quiet and cozy cafe

Where would you be able to visit if you had a chance now? The next mayor of Toronto will be?

Olivia Kat. (Disclaimers: I am not a junton who does not follow the race)

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