What i learned as a summer student in the sln

Last February, my friends and I planned a trip to Montreal for the Haakaton. On our way, we decided to cut Canada's men' s Olympic ice hockey game against the US over the abile Wi-Fi Megabus. Canada won this match. It was a conquest more than a victory really. As the game approached the second period, I received an email from the Student Life Network, which stated that they were looking for talented designers and designers. So I was waiting for the game to finish and apply

A month and a round of interviews later, I was hired to be the junior designer of the summer with the SLN

I came to work on the first day, expecting to be overloaded with the work, the company's rules, showing my place and telling you how to grab coffee for everyone in the office, because I am an intern. But no, I was greeted by everyone on the team, asked to be more comfortable, and then they gave me my first task

I started learning more and more about web design, web coding and assortment. But the most important thing I learned was teamwork

But the most important thing I learned was teamwork

As students, every time we face a group project, we tend to avoid them. Theoretically, group projects in school should teach us communication, responsibility, cooperation, and the most important thing is to work in the team. But in fact, sometimes you don't learn to trust anyone

All group projects, however, I worked in the SLN, were absolutely contrary to my experience at school. First of all, there was a clear message between the team and me. All of them clearly and effectively explained their ideas. There was a sense of openness in the whole team. If anything I designed was like shit, they told me that they were usually in jute uniforms. (And they were right). And if anything is going to be great, I'd be told that

But what I really learned from the team was that there was a sense of respect between everyone. Instead of, "Who's to blame for this?"It was, "What can we get out of it?"and most importantly, "What can we learn from each other?" Each brings some talent to a table that we can all learn from. Everyone in the company was capitalizing on it. If I had encountered an unpleasant experience, when it came to design, I would just ask for feedback and advice. The team had a sense of trust and support from all of them. And if something couldn't be done, there was always a solution

By the end of my internship, for example, I was given a task to create various illustrations for the Blog of SLN

The point is, I've never made an illustration before. I was asked to create about nine illustrations in three weeks. Not the easiest thing for me as a novice. About two and a half weeks, and only after five out of nine illustrations, I started to panic because I knew I couldn't finish this task. I had to let the team know. As long as I tell them, I'm waiting for the worst in the back of my head, " How can you not finish? Three weeks is more than enough time to complete nine illustrations!But no, their answer was, " That's great. Do as much as you can. " I also got Tyler, the man responsible for creating all the illustrations and prizes in the SLN to help me with them. Unfortunately, I was unable to finish the illustrations before the end of the internship. But then, in addition to teamwork, I learned about the importance of communicating with the team

Thanks to the SLN for all the training experience and the perfect opportunity. And the chance to be on the blog again, this time with my words

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